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Delivering bespoke End Point Assessment solutions designed to fit into the busy schedules of apprentices.


Our aim is to ensure apprentices are given the best opportunity to be successful in their assessments by making the requirements as clear as possible and working with providers to schedule the most convenient assessment times, locations and methods.


End Point Assessment is our entire focus, not just an add-on service and we think you will see the difference through the attention to detail and customer service we are able to offer.

We are approved by Ofqual to offer End Point Assessment of the following Standards:

· L2 Wireless Communications Rigger
· L3 Business Admin


We are busy expanding our scope of Ofqual recognition into related Standards, as well as working with niche providers to offer more EPA services throughout 2023. We would be delighted to discuss expansion into different industries, especially where employers are struggling to find the right fit for their End Point Assessment activity. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements – we love a challenge, so even if you have been told it is not possible in the past, please give us a try!

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