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Sam Isaacson | Global Director of Consulting

Chair: Coaching Professional Trailblazer GroupChair: Coaching Professional Trailblazer Group

Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical EducationInstitute for Apprenticeships and Technical EducationJun 2018 - Present · 3 yrs 12 mosJun 2018 - Present · 3 yrs 12 mosEducationEducation

  • Leading the development of the Level 5 Coaching Professional apprenticeship standard, with a group of over 100 employers of coaches, all of the big coaching professional bodies, and a range of well respected coaching training providers. The standard received approval from Government in May 2020, and has been received positively across the board.

Sam is Chair of the Coaching Professional apprenticeship trailblazer group and Global Director of Consulting at CoachHub, one of the biggest global digital coaching providers. His book, How to Thrive as a Coach in a Digital World, has led him into roles with the two biggest coaching professional bodies and made him the first person in the world to deliver coaching in virtual reality. He is an Amazon #1 bestseller and has spent the best part of 20 years advising organisations on coaching, apprenticeships, and digital culture change.


Happy to tell the success story of the Coaching Professional trailblazer, warts and all, and as it's in my DNA I'd love to get people thinking about the role professional coaching could (should?) be playing in apprentices' development.

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