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We’re the whole package

For almost 20 years OneFile have pioneered EdTech, supporting over 2 million people to learn for their future.

We prioritise the experiences of our customers above all else, investing in award-winning support teams as well as designing a learning platform that's efficient, engaging and works with all apprenticeships, training and vocational qualifications. When you partner with OneFile you become part of a movement to shape the future of learning. We're so much more than software.

That’s why organisations switch to us and stay with us.

Our mission

OneFile is more than a software company. We give people the tools to shape their own future, reach their potential and be the best they can be.  We believe that when people have the tools to learn in a way that suits them and apply their knowledge in the workplace, learning is more engaging. Learning becomes part of everyday life, so everyone is learning for their future. That’s why we created OneFile, to give people the tools to learn – no matter where they’re from or where they’re going.  

We are OneFile. For everyone, everywhere. 

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