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Noel Johnson

CEO of Springfield Training

Surviving & Thriving in a post pandemic environment


My Session will cover:


·    Blended Delivery Model – Development & Implementation

·    Meeting the needs of employers & apprentices


A no holds barred insight into a provider journey through the pandemic & how we changed & adapted to meet the increase in apprenticeship starts post pandemic.

Noel is the founder & CEO of Springfield Training, an Independent Learning Provider based in Yorkshire.

Over the past 25 years he has worked in a variety of education leadership positions, as well as teaching roles, specialising in vocational learning and apprenticeships for young people and adults, as well as providing consultancy, supporting learning providers, colleges, public sector organisations and businesses in the development of vocational learning and apprenticeships.


Noel works with groups and individuals, helping them to explore their own limits and encouraging them to push further, using education as a tool for personal & professional advancement.

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