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Transforming Subject Experts into Teaching Experts

Regardless of whether they are workforce professionals, academics, or newly qualified teachers, turning subject matter experts (SMEs) into teaching experts can be challenging, particularly when tasked with supporting 100s or even 1000s of teachers.


The HOW2 Teacher Development Platform bridges the gap between subject expertise and teaching excellence, offering a sustainable, scalable solution to address the professional development needs of large and diverse teaching institutions.


With 160+ visually depicted teaching techniques facilitating instant transfer into the classroom, the HOW2 Platform provides educators with a user-friendly approach to enhancing their teaching practice. Unique social learning tools further foster peer-to-peer collaboration, creating shared professional learning experiences that transcend institutional boundaries.


Charting a Course for Teaching Excellence in the Royal Navy

The impact of the HOW2 Teacher Development Platform extends beyond traditional academic settings. As a testament to its effectiveness, the platform has been instrumental in transforming and modernizing shore-based training across Royal Navy training sites. Team Fisher, a Capita-led consortium awarded a 12-year contract by the Royal Navy in 2020, is leveraging the HOW2 Platform to empower over 1200 educators in their quest to make trainer delivery more flexible, adaptive, and student-centric.


Navigating the Challenges: A Case Study with Team Fisher

Explore our comprehensive case study to gain insights into how the HOW2 Platform supports Team Fisher in overcoming unique challenges associated with revolutionizing trainer delivery across the Navy’s training establishments.


Discover how this innovative approach aligns with the themes of the Annual Apprenticeship Conference, driving growth and quality in apprenticeships within diverse and demanding environments.

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