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Gareth Phillips Chief Executive Vistar Qualifications

Gareth has more than fifteen years’ experience in the Awarding Organisation Market, having worked as the Managing Director of the Hospitality Awarding Body, prior to the sale to City & Guilds; the Sales and Strategy Director at EDI prior to the sale to Pearson, amongst other roles. Responsibilities have included all aspects of an AO, including Qualification Development, Sales and Marketing, Operations and Customer Service, and has a strong understanding of working with Regulators and Government Agencies.


More recently he has led on solutions for work-based learning providers for the new Apprenticeship Standards and End-point Assessments.


Has always been customer service driven and has improved service to new levels throughout our industry. Provided focus on the Quality Assurance process within Centres to improve efficiencies and the quality of delivery. Created leadership in Employer engagement for over a decade and has worked collaboratively in the tripartite arrangement of Providers, Employers and an AO.


Will continue to lead on innovative approaches within our markets to further improve on quality.

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