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End-Point Assessment

At DSW, we recognise the importance of balancing rigorous assessment with a flexible, client-focused service. It is essential that an apprentice’s end-point assessment (EPA) is a robust and fair judgement of their competence, but it is also important that we take a pragmatic, solutions-focused approach that meets the demands of the modern workplace.


From day one, our EPA service has been digital-by-default, delivering maximum value for money while ensuring apprentices can undertake their assessment at a time and a place that suits them and their employer. With one of the UK’s largest banks of independent end-point assessors, we are able to deliver a swift end-to-end service with a comprehensive support package and market-leading service level agreements.


DSW has one of the largest portfolios of standards in England and we have been selected by thousands of employers to carry out end-point assessment for their apprentices.


Why Use DSW

DSW cannot be beaten on service. Our fees and payment terms are highly competitive, with no up-front costs and no hidden charges. Every one of our training provider partners enjoys on-demand support from a dedicated account manager, as well as a dedicated operations administrator who will oversee all aspects of the EPA administration for every single apprentice.


When it comes to service, price and reliability, DSW is a partner you can trust. Don’t just take our word for it.


Our Approach

DSW provide a lot more than a mere transactional EPA service. We work in collaboration with training providers and employers to provide a seamless journey for apprentices, from registration through to certification.


As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on a human approach which runs through every interaction with our clients and their apprentices.


We recognise that the apprenticeships landscape can be difficult to navigate at times, with unforeseen challenges along the way. Providers and employers need an end-point assessment organisation that recognises and steps up to these challenges.


This is where DSW’s pragmatic approach comes into play – we will know a way, or create one. We enjoy excellent relationships with employer groups, professional bodies, regulators and other key stakeholders. This privileged status enables us to identify and implement solutions quickly, removing delays and blockers to successful completion.

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