Head Line Sponsor Conference Workshop

The retention challenge: how to keep apprentices engaged through to completion


Our sector is under the spotlight once again as DfE data reveals that retention and achievement rates remain stubbornly low. While there are reasons apprentices fail to complete which are beyond our control, there are also many reasons which can be controlled or influenced. Backed up with data, research and employer testimony, this workshop will explore the tangible steps that providers can take to ensure that learners remain fully engaged from induction through to completion of their apprenticeship.



Thomas Burton Apprentice + Group Director NOCN 

From Assessor to Apprentice, "On the other side of the fence"Tom will discuss his experience and impressions as an assessor, who has now transitioned to an apprentice.  He will feedback on how the sector can better support both assessors and apprentices, with a focus on those apprentices who are returning to education.