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Addressing future workforce challenges through apprenticeships

A growing body of research informs us that the need for UK workers to upskill and reskill is increasing by the day. The advancement of Artificial Intelligence, combined with the fact that we are the first generation expected to remain in work longer than our parents, means that each of us is likely to have a number of different careers – each of which may require a completely different set of skills.

The OECD estimates that 1.1 billion jobs are liable to be radically transformed by technology in the next decade. According to the Industrial Strategy Council, 80% of the UK’s 2030 workforce are already in work today, which makes the task of reskilling our existing workforce the major challenge of our generation.

Apprenticeships will play a vital role in closing these skills gaps. For over a decade we have heralded ‘parity of esteem’ as a key objective in making apprenticeships a first choice for learners of all backgrounds. At DSW, we welcome the fact that apprenticeships are being successfully used to upskill and create opportunities for those workers who are already part way through their career, as well as providing a platform for younger people to take their first steps onto the career ladder.

In this workshop, we will hear perspectives from a range of professionals who have embraced apprenticeships, using them to boost their own career prospects and to bring new talent into their organisations. 

  • Pippa Simpson:

    • L&D Business Partner, University of Warwick

    • Completed the Coaching Professional apprenticeship

  • Gideon van Zijl:

    • Compliance and Regulatory Development Consultant, Zurich

    • Completed the Senior Insurance Professional apprenticeship

  • Jean Paul Van Cauwelaert:

    • Director, Findlay Property Management

    • Completed the Housing and Property Management apprenticeship

 Conference Workshop

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