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An award-winning assessment, teaching and learning AI platform for ITPs

Supercharge your Functional Skills and Digital Skills provision through personalisation

✔ AI-powered personalisation to support and encourage independent learning

✔ Initial Assessments for English and maths to establish the correct level for your learners

✔ High-quality Functional Skills courses from Entry 1 to Level 2 English and maths, and Essential Digital Skills courses for Entry Level and Level 1

Initial assessment on CENTURY


Our Smart IA™ tool is designed to maximise the accuracy of the results with minimal testing time. It allows you to seamlessly administer adaptive initial assessments for English and maths functional skills from Entry 1 to Level 2, with downloadable results only viewed by the teacher. 

Curriculum coverage


CENTURY's Functional Skills and Digital Skills courses contain hundreds of micro-lessons developed by experienced educators. Each micro-lesson contains an explainer video, a slideshow and self-marking assessment questions in a variety of formats and can be set for homework, classwork or revision.

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