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Since CogniSoft was first established in 1984, we have specialised solely in client tracking and management information systems to providers of learning, guidance, support and employment services.

Our team has a wealth of product and industry knowledge that is available for customers to call upon and our customer focused approach has been key to our continued success over the last 30 years.

Our experience is reflected in mature and stable products that are proven to work from the ground up. All of our product development has been steered by customer input and user group forums so our systems are practical and usable, as well as having all the functionality organisations need to effectively manage their contracts.

Involving our customers and engaging with them in this way has led us to develop strong and lasting relationships, with some of our customers having been with us for over 20 years.

YETI - Management Information System

Covering all types of work based Learning and Skills programmes funded by the ESFA, DCELLS and SDS, YETI is the industry’s most flexible sILR system, helping hundreds of organisations to effectively manage all aspects of their delivery.


Flexible enough to mirror your processes and procedures, YETI is easily configured to provide all key learning and skills personnel with the tools and information that assessors, verifiers, contract managers and administrators need to work and collaborate effectively from one single system.


YETI Learning And Skills Features Include:

  • Apprenticeship portals

  • ESFA sILR rules built into application with data validation at the point of entry

  • LRS and EDRS integration

  • Eportfolio integration

  • Data segregation between prime and sub organisations

  • Communication module

  • Timetabling / session attendance module

  • Employer engagement CRM


YETI combines this with the powerful suite of reporting tools to ensure that users are able to generate powerful, real-time, multi-layer Management Information at the click of a button.


From day one user’s are empowered with a comprehensive suite of standard reports and are able to produce key reports both for internal and external / audit requirements.


ILR Software

YETI has an in-built sILR form which is maintained in line with the ESFA specification to validate data as it is inputted to the system, with on-screen guidance for users on the sILR data quality requirements.


The sILR export process is handled in YETI as an end-to-end process; with comprehensive financial and quality reporting on hand prior to export, sILR batch file generation and error reporting, along with detailed PFF reconciliation post submission.


Supported Programmes


  • Learning and Skills programmes supported include:

  • Commercial and SFA funded Apprenticeships 

  • Traineeships

  • Adult Skills

  • Community Learning

  • Lifelong Learning Wales Record (LLWR)

  • Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

  • ESF Skills progammess

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