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Lander Group HR Manager, Anita Davenport-Brooks was recognised in The Manufacturer magazine’s Top 100 people in business in 2021. It was the second time that she had been given the accolade but this time she was recognised as an Exemplar in the following categories: ‘Inspiring Leader, Driver of Cultural Change, Unsung Hero and Young Pioneer’.


Anita was given the award in recognition of her dedication and passion for the development of the workforce of the future at Lander.


Her role incorporates the development of the future manpower strategy for the business and she is a key driving force behind our multiple award-winning manufacturing apprenticeship program.


Anita and her team have helped to support and nurture the beginning of the careers of hundreds of apprentices over the past few years. Whilst some of them decided that the manufacturing arena was not for them, we have also seen a significant number of them blossom and grow into roles throughout the business.


Anita commented; “Lander harnesses a culture of inclusion and support where failures are viewed as a stepping stone for success in the future. The Lander Family wants to be a place for our employees to feel that they can grow and develop into the best people that they can be.”


With the ever-evolving technological advancements that are happening in the world it is now even more vital to ensure that we have a strong and agile workforce for the future so we can tackle the many challenges that business throws into our way.

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