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Ajay Purbhoosing

Ajay has spent the past ten years working across the employment, education and skills industry. Over the past two and half years, he has provided an end-to-end service to businesses across London to access apprenticeships through an innovative initiative called The London Progression Collaboration. In early February 2020, the project launched with the mission to help Londoners progress into better-quality, higher-paying jobs by working with employers to increase their investment in apprenticeships.


Before joining IPPR in September 2019, he worked for an educational charity, the NOCN Group. During the four years with NOCN, he managed the London and South East region and worked with colleges, training providers and employers to assist in the development of their curriculum. As the landscape of education transitioned through the apprenticeship reform, he led the way to enable colleges and training providers to access the world of apprenticeships and training. Having worked across various sales orientated roles, he has focused his energy on the charity sector due to his values and beliefs in helping individuals access suitable and quality education.

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